February 2018 Luncheon Speaker

Mr. Daniel Stephans Biography:

Within the State of Wisconsin, Department of Administration (DOA), positions held include Chief State Architect, Construction Project Manager, Team Leader, Supervisor, Architectural Technical Services Section-Section Chief, and DOA’s Historic Preservation Officer.

He was the ranking architect at DOA and, by statute, a non-voting member of the State of Wisconsin Building Commission. He was directly involved with policy development and management of architectural activity associated with the State Building Program. He provided architectural services and architectural consulting services to state agencies, consultants, and other Division staff in addition to managing outside A/E contracts providing those services to the Division of Facilities Development. Directly supervised 12 staff members who were architects, engineers, and architectural technical specialists.

He provided design direction to outside professional consultants. He contributed to the determination of the level of quality of general construction in state facilities, administered A/E and consultant contracts, and managed the architectural design and construction approved as part of the State Building Program. Supervised in-house architects and professional engineers and managed multiple outside engineers and architects providing services to the state. After 25 years of service to the State of Wisconsin, he retired on June 25, 2015.