President’s Message – April/May 2018

Sherri Voigt, CGFM, CPA

Hello AGA Members and other readers.

As we approach the end of the program year, I want to thank everyone who has attended a training session (or is registered for one of the upcoming events). We will be sending out a member survey soon to look at what types of training events and content best suit your needs. We will start planning the new program year in June.

We have just two sessions left for the year: The May 9 Symposium and a June 13 webinar on leadership (with an ethics in government focus). Please visit our website to register. Time is running out for the 7 CPE Symposium; April 24 is the deadline!

At the March 28 Cybersecurity webinar, we did a mini celebration of “March is CGFM Month” and had the signed proclamations on hand from Governor Walker and Mayor Soglin. Thank you to those in attendance for being willing to stand for a group photo.

🐱 =^..^=