President’s Message – November, 2013

SherriVoigtI would like to express a special thank you to everyone who attended the October lunch meeting. We had an overflow crowd to match a restaurant mix-up. I appreciate the great attendance.

I also thank those who wore pink in appreciation of the Passionately Pink for the Cure event (and those who made a donation). Also, thank you to those who brought warm socks. Your generosity is much appreciated.

I would like to draw your attention to a report out on our website. On September 30, we published our third annual Report to Our Members. It is available under the Chapter History area. This is a four-page report that highlights the Chapter accomplishments for the past program year. I hope you will take a moment to look at it. Please let us know anything else you would like to see included.

And if you need some last CPE for 2013, check out the December 11 audio conference on the calendar. Please note that registration is through the DHS Training Office.

Sherri Voigt, CGFM, CPA

President’s Message – October 2013

SherriVoigtWe have two training opportunities for you this month: our regular lunch meeting on October 17 and a two-hour audio conference on October 23. Both topics are grant-related and I hope you will take the opportunity to check them both out.

Our Chapter will host a Komen
“Passionately Pink for the Cure” event as part of the October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month campaign. We will do this on conjunction with the October 17 lunch meeting. See page 6 for some FAQ. Anyone who would like to donate can use this link or bring a donation to the lunch meeting. Anyone who donates $5 or more will receive a pin. All lunch attendees will be entered in a drawing for a scarf (prize donated to the chapter.) So, break out your pink and wear it on the 17th!

If you would just like more information on risk factors and prevention, please visit

We are still collecting socks for the Salvation Army Homeless and Community Shelters. We had a lot of success at the September lunch and wanted to give people a chance to bring any they may have forgotten to bring in. We will deliver them after the lunch meeting.

I would like to draw your attention to just one more thing in the newsletter. Our
“20/20/20” Recruitment Campaign was xtremely popular last year. If you have ever considered joining AGA, please take a look at the article on page 8. It features all the benefits of joining, from the current $20 rebate offer to the discounted training fees to the free lunch after joining. Feel free to contact David Mellem, membership chair, me, or any board member with questions.

Sherri Voigt, CGFM, CPA

President’s Message – September 2013

SherriVoigtWelcome to the new AGA program year. We have the entire fall lunch meeting schedule updated for speaker/topic information already. Take a look at the Calendar of Events on page 11 of the September Footnotes or on our website.

For 2014, we had a goal of increasing CPE opportunities for the membership. We will be offering 4 live audio conferences this year. We tried to pick from different topic areas to hit on items that would appeal to the most people. These are all included on the Calendar of Events, and more details will be announced ahead. AGA National conducts the audio conferences and they are worth 2 CPE each.

If you were to attend all events listed on our calendar, you would earn 20 CPE!

As always, if you have any suggestions for speakers, topics, or locations, please feel free to contact Education Chair Mary Laufenberg or myself at any time. It is never too soon to start our process for developing the Symposium agenda!

I hope to see you at the September lunch!

PDC Training Event: Big Challenges. Bigger Solutions.

PDC Training Event: Big Challenges. Bigger Solutions.

July 14-17| Dallas | 24 CPE Hours | Register Now

This week, D.C.-based, Federal News Radio, featured the ‘Rise of the Money People’. The stories are in celebration of YOU!

“Financial management moves front and center as agencies make the final assault on wasted billions,” zeros in on CFOs and their soldiers who are in the financial wars, their strategies and tactics for waging the fight, the current and emerging weapons in their arsenal and how their future battles will unfold.” Read more

Circumstances are tough and heroes like you need to constantly train to stay on top of the best practices and lessons needed to advance government accountability. Join us in Dallas for our premier national training event. This year, the PDC will explore the enormous fiscal challenges facing our nation and offer innovative solutions to solve them.

Training Webinar: Citizen-Centric Reports – Communicating to Your Constituents

From AGA eNews:

Webinar: Citizen-Centric Reports – Communicating to Your Constituents

April 24 | 2-4 p.m. EDT
Communicating to the public remains a difficult task for governmental entities. To assist this effort, AGA created the Citizen-Centric Reporting (CCR) initiative. In 2006, we developed a template for entities to place the most important financial and performance information into an easy-to-understand four-page document. The four pages give citizens the information they should know about the jurisdiction. The citizens that require more information are led to the entity’s website through helpful links.

AGA will host a complimentary webinar led by two CCR preparers offering their first-hand experience in the preparation of their reports.


  • Kim Wallin, Nevada State Controller. Her office has prepared several CCRs. She will explain the CCR creation process, how it has evolved, and also how her office uses the report to communicate to the citizens.
  • Stephen Marshall, finance director, Syracuse City, Utah, recently prepared its first CCR. He will explain their process, why his leadership wanted to prepare the document, and how they plan to use it in the future.

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from these practitioners!

President’s Message – April 2013

Carrie Ferguson
Southern Wisconsin Chapter President Carrie Ferguson

So the season has turned and it appears that the weather may finally be changing. Of course, this is Wisconsin, so we all know it can change back just as quickly.

I bring up change, because during our March luncheon meeting, David Cagigal, CIO of the State of Wisconsin, discussed the State’s current enterprise resource planning process. He spoke of the changes the State is currently facing, and the difficulties it will encounter in meeting those changes. While the final cost of the ERP process was uncertain, it is expected to be significant; however, David felt this enterprise resource planning will be critical to ensure that the State’s information systems remain secure and competitive. More information about this presentation is provided in the April Monthly Footnotes on page 5.

Thinking beyond our March luncheon meeting, spring is a time of changes. We are not always ready to make them and they may not always be easy. We have to try to remain optimistic and flexible. We also have to remember that changes don’t always work right away. They take continued management, monitoring and adjustments. This is important, because we need to assess all along the way whether it appears a newly implemented process is working successfully, or if we need to refine our strategy – or even develop a new one altogether.

I’m sure there is a change to manage in everyone’s life. Whether it’s a small challenge, like cutting back on the amount of coffee you drink each morning, or whether it’s something more significant, like a major life challenge, change is all around us. In fact, change is something of an underlying theme of our upcoming 36th Annual Spring Symposium on Tuesday, May 14th at the University of Wisconsin Union South. I hope many of you will be able to attend this 7 CPE event, since we have a great lineup of speakers.

We’ll begin the day with Tom McHugh and Amy Banicki from the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development speaking about the Unemployment Insurance Fund. The economy’s changes in recent years have definitely affected that part of the State’s operations.

Next, we’ll have Mary Peterman, CGFM, CPA, of Savantage Solutions (and AGA National President-Elect) presenting Get in Control! Leveraging Your Internal Control Work. While internal controls don’t always lead a person to think of change, internal controls should be the backbone of an organization. As such, internal controls should be considered as part of any organizational changes, since operational changes may signal a need for control changes.

At the end of our morning, we’ll have Matt Stohr from the Wisconsin Department of Employee Trust Funds discussing the operations of the Wisconsin Retirement System. I’m sure they’ll be some members of our Symposium audience that will soon be contemplating the major life change of retirement, even as others will have only recently changed from being a college student to entering the workforce in a new career.

Beginning our afternoon, we’ll have Douglas Raubal, a Special Agent from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, speaking about cyber-based threats. Obviously, the technology environment is one that is always changing – changing in ways that bring with them new and ever more serious risks.

Closing our day, we’ve asked Sarah Gibson of Accent Learning and Consulting, LLC, to speak on managing change. Since change is everywhere, hopefully we’ll all pick up a few tips from her, so that we are able to implement and adjust to change in the most successful way possible.