President’s Message – May 2014

SherriVoigtAs the year is coming to a close, I want to thank everyone who made our program year a success.  From the dedicated board members who came up with training ideas to the people who got the message out to each person who attended an event… THANK YOU!  our chapter cannot exist without all sides of this equation.

We are in the process of planning events for the new program year.  We are always looking for topic, speaker, and location ideas.  Feel free to send any ideas to Education Chair Mary Laufenberg.  the annual Symposium is scheduled for Tuesday, May 12, 2015.

There will be a membership satisfaction survey coming out late next month.  we hope you will take the time to complete this brief survey to tell us about your membership experience and give us ideas on ways to improve the value.

We have one last event for this year, a two-hour web conference on Understanding the DATA Act.

President’s Message – April 2014

SherriVoigtAs we are coming to the end of the 2014 program year, we have a lot in store for you. If you need CPE, this is the time to get it. We have the April 24 lunch meeting, the May 8 Symposium, and a live audio/web conference on June 11. That is 10.5 CPE if you attend all three! If you don’t need CPE, there are just some great learning opportunities open to you.

We had a successful March lunch meeting. There are notes from the session on page 6 of the newsletter. We also had a great response to the community service drive. We collected over 300 diapers, some ointment, and a stack of paper bags for the food pantry. The diapers/ointment will be dropped at the Salvation Army for them to hand out to families in need at the two shelters. Thank you to everyone who helped out!

We also had a nice turnout of CGFMs to celebrate “March is CGFM month”. We got the group together and took a photo with the proclamations signed by Mayor Soglin and Governor Walker.

If you are interested in the certification, feel free to contact Michele Gundrum. The chapter just ordered a set of the 2014 study guides that can be borrowed to study for the exams.

March was CGFM Month
Pictured, L to R: David Mellem, CGFM, Mary Laufenberg, CGFM, Joanne Schultz, CGFM, Al Vick, CGFM-Retired, Sherri Voigt, CGFM, Michele Gundrum, CGFM

President’s Message – March 2014

March is CGFM Month!

SherriVoigtHappy CGFM Month!!! This month, AGA chapters world-wide celebrate the Certified Government Financial Manager certification. The CCGFM is celebrating 20 years of excellence. If you would like to know more, please visit our CGFM page, under “About AGA.”

The lunch meeting this month will honor CGFMs, who may attend for free. We will have signed proclamations from Mayor Soglin and Governor Walker stating that March is CGFM month.

The March lunch meeting will be at a site close to the Alliant Center to facilitate attendance by those who are attending STAR meeting. If you are in meetings 8-12, 1-5 or both, just let us know and we’ll help you with any special arrangements needed. To make a reservation, go to the Current Meeting page.

Also, here is the 2014 Annual Symposium Brochure and Registration. We have a full lineup of topics for Thursday, May 8, 2014 and hope to see you there!

President’s Message – February, 2014

SherriVoigtGreetings All-

We are past the half-way point for the program year. I hope you have been able to attend one or more meetings this year.

If you attended some lunch meetings this fall and are a member, you will soon be contacted about whether you earned a free lunch (attend 3 lunches from September to February, get a free lunch in March or April). If you need just one more, the February lunch is your chance to do it.

It is membership renewal season and the  National Office has been sending out notices. The actual membership year ends March 31. I do hope you will renew your membership and take advantage of the member discounts offered. It is also CGFM renewal time for those who have the certification.

I would like to take a moment to mention that long-time member Laura Bowles contacted us recently. She is returning to private industry after many years working for the WI Department of Health Services and the UW-Madison. Laura was a frequent lunch meeting and Symposium attendee. She also served many years in the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program as a chapter volunteer. I wanted to take the chance to congratulate her on this big move and let people know about her change.

Our chapter will be sending out a member satisfaction survey in the next 6-8 weeks. I hope you take the opportunity to give us feedback on the events held this year and provide us with suggestions for topics for the new program year.


President’s Message – January 2014

SherriVoigt New

Please note that we have two separate training events in January! There is an audio conference on January 15 that features 2 CPE. The topic is Fraud Detection and Prevention.

The lunch meeting is the Annual Tax Update at Imperial Garden east on January 23.

I am hopeful we can escape the ongoing snow and ice for these dates. I look forward to seeing you there.

The board is actively planning/scheduling the spring Symposium. If you have any topic or speaker recommendations, please send them in.

Chapter community service efforts continued in November. Two board members volunteered at the Salvation Army Community Meal.

Salvation Army Volunteers
Board members Michele Tessner and Rachel Zellmer volunteered at the November 21, 2013 community meal. Here they are joined by Dane County Executive Joe Parisi.

We have a great new way to sign up for news from the chapter. There is a simple “subscribe” option at the website. Never miss out on Chapter news again!

There is still time to save money and join AGA under the 20/20/20 program (see this month’s newsletter Monthly Footnotes – January 2014).

See you in January!


President’s Message – November, 2013

SherriVoigtI would like to express a special thank you to everyone who attended the October lunch meeting. We had an overflow crowd to match a restaurant mix-up. I appreciate the great attendance.

I also thank those who wore pink in appreciation of the Passionately Pink for the Cure event (and those who made a donation). Also, thank you to those who brought warm socks. Your generosity is much appreciated.

I would like to draw your attention to a report out on our website. On September 30, we published our third annual Report to Our Members. It is available under the Chapter History area. This is a four-page report that highlights the Chapter accomplishments for the past program year. I hope you will take a moment to look at it. Please let us know anything else you would like to see included.

And if you need some last CPE for 2013, check out the December 11 audio conference on the calendar. Please note that registration is through the DHS Training Office.

Sherri Voigt, CGFM, CPA

President’s Message – October 2013

SherriVoigtWe have two training opportunities for you this month: our regular lunch meeting on October 17 and a two-hour audio conference on October 23. Both topics are grant-related and I hope you will take the opportunity to check them both out.

Our Chapter will host a Komen
“Passionately Pink for the Cure” event as part of the October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month campaign. We will do this on conjunction with the October 17 lunch meeting. See page 6 for some FAQ. Anyone who would like to donate can use this link or bring a donation to the lunch meeting. Anyone who donates $5 or more will receive a pin. All lunch attendees will be entered in a drawing for a scarf (prize donated to the chapter.) So, break out your pink and wear it on the 17th!

If you would just like more information on risk factors and prevention, please visit

We are still collecting socks for the Salvation Army Homeless and Community Shelters. We had a lot of success at the September lunch and wanted to give people a chance to bring any they may have forgotten to bring in. We will deliver them after the lunch meeting.

I would like to draw your attention to just one more thing in the newsletter. Our
“20/20/20” Recruitment Campaign was xtremely popular last year. If you have ever considered joining AGA, please take a look at the article on page 8. It features all the benefits of joining, from the current $20 rebate offer to the discounted training fees to the free lunch after joining. Feel free to contact David Mellem, membership chair, me, or any board member with questions.

Sherri Voigt, CGFM, CPA

President’s Message – September 2013

SherriVoigtWelcome to the new AGA program year. We have the entire fall lunch meeting schedule updated for speaker/topic information already. Take a look at the Calendar of Events on page 11 of the September Footnotes or on our website.

For 2014, we had a goal of increasing CPE opportunities for the membership. We will be offering 4 live audio conferences this year. We tried to pick from different topic areas to hit on items that would appeal to the most people. These are all included on the Calendar of Events, and more details will be announced ahead. AGA National conducts the audio conferences and they are worth 2 CPE each.

If you were to attend all events listed on our calendar, you would earn 20 CPE!

As always, if you have any suggestions for speakers, topics, or locations, please feel free to contact Education Chair Mary Laufenberg or myself at any time. It is never too soon to start our process for developing the Symposium agenda!

I hope to see you at the September lunch!