Audio Conference – “Building a Culture of Ethical Excellence”

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November 20, 2019 12:45 pm - 2:50 pm

Audio Conference - "Building a Culture of Ethical Excellence"

WI Department of Administration
Address: 101 E Wilson St, Madison, WI

Registration limited to first 30 registrants.

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An ethical crisis happens in an organization, and the normal response is to create additional rules to handle the breach and ensure that that breach doesn’t happen again. But is this the right response? Or by creating more policy - more prescription - do we actually set ourselves up for an even more catastrophic ethical breach the next time?

So if policy or prescriptive rule making isn’t the answer; what is? This webinar will look at four key actions organizations can take to build a culture of ethical excellence and develop the individual and organizational ethical muscle needed to create trust with key stakeholders.

Key Take-aways

Learn about the downsides of a compliance or prescriptive approach to ethical behavior. Gain understanding around a framework that enables you to build ethical muscle and move away from a compliance-only approach.

Learning objectives:

During the webinar you will learn the fundamentals of four tools you can use to create a more holistic approach to building a culture of ethical excellence:

1. Conducting 3 Factors audit;

2. Constructing a values hierarchy;

3. Assessing obligations; and

4. Identifying organization’s catastrophic risks.