President’s Message – November 2018

Sherri Voigt, CGFM, CPA

Welcome to 2019…Well, the AGA Chapter Program Year 2019 anyhow!

We have reviewed the Symposium evaluations and used the topic areas rated high to seek out topics for this year. We are recruiting speakers for May 8, 2019 and are always willing to check out new suggestions. Any topic or speaker idea you have can be sent to education chair Mary Laufenberg to research further. (Drop her a note at:

This month’s newsletter features some photos and information about the Chapter Recognition Award earned last program year. For those who didn’t know, the chapter reports out on activities done during the year in 8 separate categories: Chapter Leadership Planning & Participation, Education and Professional Development, Certification, Communications, Membership, Accountability, Community Service, and Awards. This information goes to the National AGA Office as well as to our regional and sectional leadership. It is used to monitor chapter activity.

On another note, I would like to thank all the CGFMs who participated in the job analysis survey recently. This is a critical part of maintaining the professionalism and relevance of the Certified Government Financial Manager certification exams. As the AGA National Chair for the Professional Certification Board, I am honored to be part of the job analysis review and exam content update this year.

I look forward to seeing you at an upcoming chapter event!


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