DOA In-Person Ethics Webinar (4/13/2023)

New! Special addition for in-person attendance–Free to attend  

Note: In person attendance will not allow for participation in the “ethical dilemmas” and other polls during the webinar; therefore, attendance will be monitored by AGA through sign-in logs for CPE credit. Questions may be submitted during the webinar through the room monitor. 

Duration: 100 minutes (2 CPE hours)

Program level: Overview

Prerequisites: None

Advance Preparation: None

Cost:   Free

All agencies: Conference room space is being reserved at the DOA building for in person attendance, Limit: 75 

Register below or send e-mail to Sherri Voigt with membership status, payment preference (non-members) and name(s) of attendees.

Registration Deadline is Tuesday, April 11, 2023.

**conference room information will be sent after registrations are completed 
**waiting lists will be created if the room limits are reached 

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